March 25, 2016

Married to the Marquess

On the opening pages of Married to the Marquess, written by Rebecca Connolly, you learn that Derek Chambers, the Marquess of Whitlock, has once again been ordered to come to London.  The request comes from his wife, Katherine, with the news that her mother has recently passed away.  Katherine and Derek have been married for the past five years; however, they barely spend more than one day together each year!

With her mother gone, Katherine feels like she is lost at sea.  It seems that she has spent her entire life with her mother drilling into her head the many rules she must follow as a future duchess and now she does not seem to know which way to turn without her mother's direction!  As Derek realizes that he must remain in London for some time in order to squelch the gossip that has begun, he and Katherine find themselves spending a lot of time together.  Derek and Katherine begin to learn a lot more about the other and they find that they have both been privy to same constant pressure from their parents to be something other than what they really desired.  When both Derek and Kate (as Derek fondly refers to Katherine) finally decide to stop despising each other and they begin to develop warmer feelings toward the other, you have no idea what will come next!

This is a fun story to follow as you have a front row seat to watch the relationship between Derek and Kate grow and blossom!  This second book in Rebecca Connolly's Arrangement series was a much easier read than the first.  Wait and see where Derek and Kate finally end up by the end of this tale!