March 11, 2016

Playing the Part

When you see Lucetta Plum on the opening pages of Paying the Part by Jen Turano, you are instantly reminded what a feisty character she is.  As Lucetta is coming off the stage after her latest performance, she is confronted by her self-absorbed stepfather.  Nigel Wolfe wants Lucetta to help him get out of a bad situation in which he has placed himself.  Nigel has gambled away Lucetta's family home!

Now Lucetta finds herself running from the man who won this bet and now wants her in exchange for the house!  Lucetta had promised her father before his death that she would always take care of her mother; however, she does not want to fulfill this in exchange for her own self!  Lucetta is traveling through the darkness of night with her dear friend, Abigail Hart, to her grandson's castle just outside of the city.  Bram Haverstein is a man that Lucetta has never met.  When Bram dunks Lucetta in the moat surrounding his property, the introduction between Bram and Lucetta cannot be avoided!

You will not believe the situations that Bram and Lucetta find themselves in before the end of this tale.  You will definitely enjoy this crazy adventure!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.