April 26, 2016

A Flight of Arrows

A Flight of Arrows, the latest novel by Lori Benton, opens with a young Indian mother quietly recounting the story of his birth to her young son, Two Hawks. How his twin brother was taken by Reginald Aubrey, a man who lost his own child to death. This man left behind a family so full of grief that the mother finally had no option but to cast out her warrior husband, Stone Thrower, because he was so full of rage!

This is an interesting tale to follow as you watch these characters deal with this fast changing world of the early days at the birth of America.  Stone Thrower and his wife both longing to look into the eyes of the child who was taken from them so many years ago!  Reginald Aubrey leaning to deal with his grief over the consequences that his theft has caused after so many years!  His adopted daughter, Anna, longing after Two Hawks, the twin who is from a world that Anna knows nothing about!  Finally, there is William, the young man whose sense of realty has been torn apart when he learns that the parents he was born to are not the ones who have raised and formed his life!

As you see Two Hawks become an apprentice to Reginald, a well-known shipbuilder, you know that fireworks will be soon to follow.  Only the violence comes from a different source than you expect!  This is an exciting tale as you walk along with each individual in a world that is nothing like current day America.  You will be interested to see how God will lead each of these characters and where they will end up by the final page!

There are so many characters and places to keep track of that it made this book a difficult read for me!

I received this book from Waterbrook Press in exchange for my unbiased review.