April 13, 2016

Like Never Before

The opening pages of Like Never Before, the latest by Melissa Tagg, contain an e-mail conversation between Amelia Bently and Logan Walker.  The small newspaper in Maple Valley is in need of a news reporter and Amelia thinks Logan would be a perfect fit.   Logan argues that he is not interested in leaving his fast-paced life in L.A. to return to his sleepy hometown; however, before you know it, Logan actually turns up in town!  Amelia is totally shocked when she learns that Logan not only owns the newspaper now, but he has decided to temporarily relocate to Maple Valley in an attempt to bring new life to the paper!

Logan and Amelia soon discover that they both have demons from their past they need to deal with; however, it does not help to have a budding romance growing between them that they need to figure out!  After two months in Maple Valley, the newspaper's press suddenly crashes and Logan takes it as a sign that it is time to let go of the paper and go back to his former life!

Watch and see where Logan and Amelia end up on this rocky new road God has planned for them both!