April 20, 2016

The Magnolia Duchess

The Magnolia Duchess is the final book in Beth White's Gulf Coast Chronicles series.  This tale begins with Fiona Lanier in tears.  She has just learned that her twin brother, Sullivan is being held on a British prison ship.  As Fiona travels along the Gulf Coast shore line, she suddenly comes upon a body that appears to be half-drowned.  After Fiona is able to turn the body over, she is surprised to find that this man is a face from her past!

The last time Fiona saw Charlie Kincaid was when she and her family had visited his grandfather's estate in Scotland.  Now, she is faced with attempting to keep Charlie alive!  After Fiona's family home becomes a place where Charlie can begin to recover, they realize that his accident has resulted in Charlie losing his recent memory.  As Fiona and Charlie attempt to put the pieces of his memory back together, Charlie discovers a scrap of paper in his gear with what appears to be code written on it!  Why had he written this code down in the first place and who was the intended recipient?

Hang on as you travel through this new world with Charlie in the midst of the early American war as he seeks to discover the truth about himself and why he is in the foreign land!

This tale was interesting to revisit the facts of the founding of our country; unfortunately, this book was not an easy read for me!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.