May 13, 2016

Dawn at Emberwilde

You are introduced to Isabel Creston on the opening pages of Dawn at Emberwilde, the latest novel by Sarah Ladd.  Isabel is a young woman who was left at the Fellsworth School as a young girl.  As Isabel waits for a new opportunity to open up for her to work as a governess, a stranger arrives at the school with the news that Isabel has an aunt, unknown to Isabel, who has invited Isabel to relocate to live with her family at Emberwilde. Walk along with Isabel as she travels down this new path to a destination that she knows nothing about!

As Isabel attempts to familiarize herself with her new home and lifestyle at Emberwilde, she finds herself missing her former world.  Life was harder in a lot of ways at Fellsworth; however, the rules that her aunt insists on in her new world are almost suffocating!  Isabel soon senses that her aunt's primary goal is to get Isabel married off as soon as possible.  Mr. Bradford, the supervisor of the foundling home located on Emberwild's property, is her aunt's first choice for her future husband; however, when Isabel meets Colin Galloway, a man her aunt would never select, her eye seems to be turned his way instead!

There is a lot of action and mystery contained in the tale.  Who is involved with the criminal activity  in the depths of the forest surrounding Emberwilde?  Why is Isabel's aunt pushing so hard for Isabel to be married by a certain date?  What could be the mystery involving Isabel's grandfather's estate?  Hang on until the last page of this tale to learn the answers to these questions and so much more!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review.