May 8, 2016

Her One and Only

Her One and Only is the last entry in Becky Wade's most recent series.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first three books in this series and this final book did not disappoint!

Dru Porter grew up in a male dominated world with three older brothers; however, she has managed to make a unique name for herself working as a bodyguard.  Her latest client is Gray Fowler, a superstar in the NFL who has been receiving threatening letters from a stalker, yet unidentified.  Dru takes her job very seriously, so she does not know how to handle it when she starts to be drawn toward Gray.  When you learn that Gray and one of his teammates make a bet concerning which one will be able to get Dru to kiss them first, you are on pins and needles waiting for Dru to erupt in anger when she learns the truth!

When Dru's feelings for Gray grow to the point that she feels that she should be taken off his protection detail, Gray does take this decision very well.  Everyone is relieved when Gray's stalker is finally identified and charged; however, Dru does not stop looking at all the angles because something tells her they should still keep an eye out for Gray's safety!

Will danger eventually make its presence known in Gray's world and will Gray finally be free of the demons from his past?  This is a great tale that wraps up the details of the lives of the Porter family!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.