June 26, 2016

Hope Harbor

In Irene Hannon's book, Hope Harbor, you find Michael Hunter rolling into Hope Harbor, Oregon, only to find the hotel, where he had booked reservations, locked down with no explanation in sight!

 Michael is taking a leave of absence from his job in Chicago in the hopes of sorting out his life.  Now he simply must find a new place to rest his head for the next few weeks.  When Michael visits the beach area and he meets Anna Williams, it seems he has found an answer to his problem.  Anna has an annex on her house that is available for rent to tourists.  Michael latches onto this opportunity for a quiet spot to rest while he continues searching for a new direction for his life!

After Michael literally stumbles into Tracy Campbell, he has no idea that they both have pain from their past that needs healing.  Watch and see how God will intervene and meet Michael and Tracy's needs in this little coastal town that lives up to its name, Hope!

This tale is published by Revell.