August 22, 2016

Home on the Range

Ruth Logan Herne's latest novel is entitled Home on the Range. This book is part of her Double S Ranch series.  You find Nick Stafford traveling deep into the forest to visit a doctor to help address some of the problems his daughters are struggling with in school.  What he finds is a beautiful woman who seems to be living as a hermit!

Once Nick decides to move ahead with this new therapy for his daughters, he cannot believe how quickly Dr. Elsa Andreas is able to bring about a change in both of his troubled daughters spirits!  After struggling through the years after his wife, Whitney, left him and the girls, Nick cannot believe the difference Elsa has brought about in his oldest daughter, Cheyenne's attitude.  Everything seems to be progressing well until Whitney suddenly shows up on the scene!

Cheyenne has been dreaming about her mother's return for years.  How will she react to this surprise visit?  Has Whitney learned to truly love her children?  Watch and see where this family will end up by the end of this tale!

I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for my unbiased review