August 1, 2016

To Follow Her Heart

In Rebecca DeMarino's latest book, To Follow Her Heart, her third installment in her Southold Chronicles series, the year 1664 has arrived with the news that Captain Jeremy Horton's ship, along with his entire crew, have been lost at sea.  Most in Jeremy's hometown of Southold believe that he is dead.  The single holdout is Patience Terry.  She believes in her heart that Jeremy is still alive!

On the day a funeral is being held to honor Jeremy's life, the mourning is suddenly turned into a celebration when Jeremy appears on the scene!  Patience's rejoicing is soon turned into despair when Jeremy announces that he must join the military forces as they plan an invasion into New Amsterdam.  Patience cannot believe that he will be walking into danger again.  Once Jeremy finally makes it back home safely, you will be as surprised as Patience is when he finally proposes to her!

Patience is so excited to start making plans for their wedding; however, it seems like Jeremy keeps finding reasons to delay setting a date.  Just when Patience believes that Jeremy is finally ready for the wedding to take place, the family suddenly learns that a raging fire has left the Horton estate back in England in shambles!  The attorney overseeing the estate has requested that Jeremy return immediately.  Patience does not know what to do when Jeremy decides to sail back to England.  After the rough experience traveling to this land years ago, Patience cannot bring herself to consider stepping on a ship ever again!

What will Jeremy find when he finally makes it to England?  Will Patience's love for Jeremy be enough to convince her to travel back across the ocean to join him?  Hold on to see what happens on the final pages of this book!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.