August 28, 2016

The Wedding Shop

The latest book by Rachel Hauck is entitled The Wedding Shop. This book tells the tales of two women from the town of Heart's Bend, Tennessee.  The first woman, Cora Scott, lived here in the 1930's; whereas, the second woman, Haley Morgan, has recently returned to her hometown of Heart's Bend.  Both of these women have a connection to the renowned Wedding Shop that graces the streets of this town.  Hold on to learn what else connects these two women from two very different times in our history!

You watch Cora as she chases after a ship's captain, Rufus St. Claire, a man who is not willing to commit to her in marriage.  All the while you see Birch Good, waiting by the side to see if Cora will ever look his way!  Next, you observe Haley as she attempts to rebuild her life, after a bad relationship has crushed her spirit.  Soon Haley decides to rebuild the town's famous wedding shop, in her attempt to leave a positive mark in this world.  Haley takes on this task with the help of Cole Danner, a friend from the past.  You soon begin to wonder what direction this friendship will eventually take.  As you travel with these two women, they each encounter a difficult road that God has set before them!

This read was a bit difficult as you constantly jump from the past to the present; however, you will be excited to discover the truth of what actually connects these two women on the final pages of this book!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review.