January 5, 2017

At Your Request

At Your Request is a prelude to Jen Turano's latest series, Apart from the Crowd.  When you meet Miss Wilhelmina Radcliff you learn that she has been moved to a lower class in society after her father lost his fortune.  As she attempts to find her way in this new place in society, Wilhelmina is suddenly confronted with a face from her past at a society gathering.  She comes face to face with Edgar Wanamaker, the man she turned down years ago!

Edgar has successfully made his way in the world and has returned to New York to discover if all is truly over between himself and Wilhelmina.  Edgar is ready to make a commitment and needs to attain this information!

Watch and see what transpires as Edgar and Wilhelmina test these waters again to discover if this is the place that God has prepared for them!