January 9, 2017

Because You're Mine

The latest book from Collen Coble, entitled Because You're Mine, will keep you on the edge of your seat.  You will meet Alanna and her husband, Liam, as the celtic band they are both members of is closing up their latest performance.  After the concert ends, Liam heads out with his best friend, Jesse, to check out his new car.  Alanna is left behind to worry about whether her voice will hold up during future concerts.  Suddenly, the unthinkable happens.  The car transporting these two men becomes a ball of fire, after a bomb explodes!

When Alanna learns that Liam has died in the explosion, she immediately accompanies his body back to Ireland for burial.  Not only does she not know which way to turn now that Liam is gone, she encounters new trouble from Liam's parents.  When Alanna shares with them that she is four months pregnant, her father-in-law threatens to take custody of her baby.  Alanna knows she must seek a place of safety and before you know it, she is marrying her band manager, Barry, to ensure custody of her child.  The only thing she does not realize is that the world that Barry will draw her into is scarier than Alanna could ever have imagined!

After Jesse recovers, the band adds him to the group to replace Liam for the remainder of their tour.  As you watch Alanna try to figure out what Barry's intentions are for her, you will also see Alanna try to adjust to Jesse, who for some reason is behaving a lot like Liam.  He seems to know details about her life that she only had shared with Liam.  Hang on until the last page to find out where Alanna ends up and who will be by her side!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review.