January 29, 2017

No Way Up

Mary Conneally's latest book, No Way Up, starts with a bang.  As Chance Boden, the patriarch of the Cimarron ranch, heads out with some of his cowboys to gather up part of his herd that has run off, they are suddenly caught in the middle of an avalanche!

Once the final rock has fallen, Chance seems to have suffered the worst of the injures.  His leg has been broken to the point that part of the bone is protruding through the skin!  One of the cowboys, Heath Kincaid, uses his knowledge of first aid, to clean the injury to the point that Chance can be transferred to Denver to have surgery performed.  Before he leaves, Chance has a message for his three children.  He has changed his will and and it states that Cole, Justin and Sadie must remain on the ranch for an entire year or the property will be given to a distant relative upon Chance's death.  This is a hard charge for three siblings who do not get along and have work they would rather perform elsewhere!

Once it appears the their father's life has been saved and they learn that the avalanche had been intentionally started, these siblings slowly learn to get along as they attempt to discover who may be behind the attempt on their father's life.  Hold on until the final pages to learn who was behind the avalanche.  You will also get a glimpse at the growing relationship between Heath and Sadie!