June 3, 2015

Picture Perfect Love: A June Wedding Story

You are introduced to Jenna Harrison and Ashton Vance in Picture Perfect Love, the latest book written by Melissa McClone.  Two years ago, Ashton had left Jenna alone at the altar; now suddenly, he is appearing at her front door!  Ashton has two reasons for coming: first, to finally apologize to Jenna for leaving her and second, to ask her to fill in as a photographer at his sister's upcoming wedding!

After placing her faith in an awesome God and leaning on the support of her new Christian friends at her new church, Jenna is finally beginning to find her place again.  She is at a loss to know how to respond to Ashton's sudden appearance.  When he learns how much Jenna had to pay for their cancelled wedding, he offers to pay her back with interest and to pay double her going rate, if she will take on his sister's wedding!

Once Jenna decides to take on this job, it is an interesting journey to watch as Jenna and Ashton deal with their feelings from the past and discover that there might be the possibility of a second chance for a new and improved relationship.  Watch and see where God will lead these two next!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review