June 29, 2015

Among the Fair Magnolias

Among The Fair Magnolias is a new book containing four novellas telling tales about women during the tumultuous times of the Civil War!

First, you start off with A Heart So True by Dorothy Love.   You meet Abigail Clayton, who is caught between her father's strong wish that she marry her cousin Charles Kittridge and her own heart's desire for Dr. Wade Bennett!  Will her father's mind be changed after Charles takes a swing at Abigail?  
You will be surprised to discover which direction wins Abigail's heart in the end!

Next, you meet Savannah Darby in To Mend a Dream written by Tamera Alexandra.  When her parents and older brothers are lost during the war, Savannah has been left with her younger brother and sister to raise on her own.  When she is asked to redecorate her family home for a man from the North, it is the final straw for her!  When she meets the new owner, Aidan Bedford, she is surprisingly drawn to him. 
Will she be able to keep her real identity a secret until she can find what her father has left hidden for his family? 

In Love Beyond Limits written by Elizabeth Musser, you learn the story of Emily Derracott.  She is living in Wilkes County, Georgia, during the early days of the beatings and murders of the Ku Klux Klan!!!!!  After the Klan hangs and kills Washington, an older black man from her father's plantation, Emily cannot make sense of her world.  Will she follow after her feelings of a forbidden love for Washington's brother, Leroy,  or will she follow her parent's wishes for her to marry her childhood friend, Thomas McGinnis, who she suspects is part of the Klan?
Hang on to see where the Lord leads Emily with all the questions she has about her changing world!

Finally, you are introduced to Russell Champion in An Outlaw's Heart by Shelley Gray.  Russell ran away from home as a seventeen year old boy.  Now, he has returned seven years later to find everything changed!  His mother is near death and Nora, the girl he still loves, has taken up with a man that Russell has a bad feeling about!   
Watch and see if Russell is able to save Nora again from a bad situation!!!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review