June 14, 2015

The Wonder of You

In Susan May Warren’s latest novel, The Wonder of You, Amelia Christiansen returns from her time in Europe, a woman with a broken heart!

Amelia met Roark St. John during her travels in Prague.  At first, he seemed like her dream come true; however, when Amelia sees him in the arms of another woman, all she could do was run home to safety, back to the arms of her family in Deep Haven!

When Roark shows up in Deep Haven in an attempt to reconnect with Amelia, he finds challenge, both from her family and from her former boyfriend, Seth.  Slowly, Roark works his way back into the good graces of her family; however, the challenge of the hometown boy against a refined European man must be played out!

You will discover who wins this battle in the final pages of this tale, but you will also see our great God at work in both Amelia and this man’s heart!

I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review.