June 9, 2015

The Kiss of a Stranger

I just finished reading The Kiss of a Stranger by Sarah Eden.  This book follows along the lines of Jane Austen's novels.  This is a prequel for The Jonquil Brothers series.  I cannot wait to read this entire series!

You are initially introduced to Crispin, Lord Cavratt, when he ends up at a country inn, trying to avoid an undesirable lady of the ton.  He surprises himself and this lady when he grabs someone he assumes is a servant and soundly kisses her.  He discovers he actually kissed Miss Catherine Thorndale, when her uncle demands that they immediately marry!

This tale gets very complicated when the couple returns to Crispin's home in London (you don't want to miss the surprise entrance of his best friend, Philip Jonquil).  As Crispin helps Catherine attempt to fit into his high society world, they both begin to develop feelings that do not fit with attempting to annul their marriage!

Hang on to the end of this tale.  It is definitely worth the ride!