July 18, 2015

A Lady of Esteem

Take a look at A Lady of Esteem, the latest novella by Kristi Ann Hunter.  This novella is an introduction to her new series, Hawthorne House

Amelia Stalwood has been living in London with her governess ever since her guardian sent them into town nine years ago.  Her quiet life is about to become very lively when she is introduced to the Hawthorne family, as well as their dear friend, Anthony, the Marquis of Raeburn!

Amelia has heard the negative tales concerning Anthony's reputation.  She is not sure what to think of him or how to behave around him; however, you are not surprised when you notice that feelings are developing between them!  Time with these new friends is a fun ride for Amelia as she goes about town with them.  She is doing things she has never done before, like going to the opera and learning how to dance! 

Hang on tight to see where this tale eventually leads Amelia!