July 6, 2015

The Curiosity Keeper

The Curiosity Keeper is the first book in Sarah Ladd"s newest series, The Treasures of Surrey.  Early in this tale, James Gilchrist and Camille Iverness are brought together during a search for a valuable stolen ruby!

Camille works in her father's shop in a poor section of London and this shop is where James father originally bought the Bevoy Ruby.  After the ruby is stolen from his father's home in Fellsworth, James decides to start his search for the ruby at the Curiosity shop.  When James enters the shop during an apparent burglary, he quickly exits with Camille in his arms!  Camille had been slashed by the burglar's  knife.  When Camille's father returns home to find that the shop had been robbed, he immediately throws her out of their house.  James and Camille have no choice but to leave London, hoping that Camile can start a new life in the country!

Once they arrive in Fellsworth, Camille absolutely loves this new place.  She quickly starts a new job; however, the mystery surrounding the Bevoy ruby seems to have followed them to the country.  You soon find Camille and James in a very dangerous position on the final pages of this tale!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review