July 3, 2015

In Good Company

In Good Company is the latest book by Jen Turano.  This book tells all about the fun-filled adventure of Millie Longfellow and Everett Mulberry, as they journey together to Newport, Rhode Island!

I have never experienced so many laughs and smiles as I did reading the beginning of this tale.  Everett is a somewhat snobbish member of high society; while Millie is a poor governess, who cannot seem to hold a job!  You will enjoy watching as Millie gets a job (at the last minute) to take care of Everett's wards for the summer.  As Millie and Everett learn to adjust to each others differences, you see a romance bubbling up between them!

You know trouble is coming for Millie from Everett's soon-to-be fiance, Caroline (who insists that life is all about herself).  Wait and see what happens between these three characters.  You know there will be fireworks!!!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.