July 15, 2015

Faity Tale Romance Collection

Melanie Dickerson takes on the re-telling of age old tales in her Fairy Tale Romance Collection.

The Healer's Apprentice tells a new version of the story, Sleeping Beauty.  This tale opens up in the year 1386 in Hagenheim, Germany.  Rose and her friend, Hildy, are watching the parade that is welcoming home the Duke's sons.  When Lord Hamlin's eye catches sight of Rose, his face instantly softens.  You sense something exciting is going to happen!  When Rose learns that he is awaiting his bride to arrive in town, she knows she must not dream about him.  This tale will keep you guessing who Lord Hamlin's bride really is until the final pages!

The Merchant's Daughter is a recounting of The Beauty and the Beast.  This story begins in the year 1352 in Glynval, England.  Annabel must pay off her family's fine by working as an indentured service for Lord Ranulf for 3 years.  The talk in town is that he looks like a beast, with a scar running down one-side of his face!  Discover along with Annabel what type of man Lord Ranulf really is!

The Fairest Beauty retells the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  We once again return to Hagenheim Castle in Germany for this tale.  When an old woman brings word that the betrothed of Duke Wilhelm's oldest son, Valten, is in grave danger, his younger son, Gabe, decides to ride to her rescue!  Gabe must battle with the evil Duchess Ermengard to bring Sophie away to safety!

The Captive Maiden is a new depiction of the age-old story of Cinderella.  When Grisela's father died, she was only eight years old.  She was left alone with a stepmother who had no compassion for her!  Gisela seems to have no hope, working as a servant to her stepmother and her stepsisters.  When Grisela (now seventeen) visits the town square in Hagenheim,  she crosses paths with Valten, the son of a Duke Wilhelm.  Will he be the one who will rescue her? Watch and see what will develop between them!

To wrap up this book, The Princess Spy is a fresh adaption of the Frog Prince.  Duke Wilhelm and Rose's oldest daughter, Margaretha, is bound to find the man God has planned for her in this tale full of lots of conversation and adventure!  It is also great to see the connection this tale has to The Merchant's Daughter!

This book is filled with exciting tales for any young adult just venturing into the world of the written word!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review