November 22, 2015

For Elise

I recently picked up a novel written by Sarah M. Eden.  I was excited to dive into another Sarah Eden tale.  The book was entitled For Elise.  The story begins when Miles Linwood finds it necessary to stop in a small village on his way home to have his carriage repaired.  He cannot believe his eyes, when he is suddenly face-to-face with Elise, his childhood friend who disappeared years ago!

On the pages of this book, you finally learn the reasons that Elise vanished four years ago; but the story felt like it had to be dragged out inch by inch.  There was definitely a mystery to be solved and you do finally learn who the culprit is by the end of the book; however, the journey to final page was a bit laborious!

I did not find For Elise as easy to read as the previous Sarah Eden books I have read.  Pass by For Elise if you are looking for an easy read; however, if you are looking for some great reading material, check out her series,  The Jonquil Brothers.  You will not regret the time spent!