November 12, 2015

Rising Darkness

Rising Darkness, by Nancy Mehl, is the third book in her Finding Sanctuary series.  You are introduced to Sophie Wittenbauer as she is on her way to the small Mennonite town of Sanctuary.  Sophie is currently working as a writer for a St. Louis newspaper and she is following up on a tip she overheard about a decades-old crime that has never been completely solved.  Sophie feels like this is her chance to finally make a name for herself!

Sophie had been trying to leave her former Mennonite life behind, but driving into Sanctuary is bringing old memories and fears to life again.  As Sophie settles into this new life, she is posing as Emily McClure to the residents of town.  Sophie is using the story that she is searching for information about her family, who were former residents of Sanctuary.  Sophie is making good progress on identifying the names of the residents who have recently moved into the area, when she suddenly runs into a man from her past, Jonathon Wiese!  A man who she used to love!

When Jonathon realizes who Emily really is, he begins helping Sophie discover the answer to this story she has been trying to crack.  This suspense will take you down numerous roads, until you finally are able to put all the pieces together.  Will Sophie find her true place with God, as well as find the answer to this mystery?

The first two books in this series were exciting from beginning to end; however, the end to Rising Darkness was a bit disappointing to me.  I have to say, though, that all three books in this series are definitely worth the read!

 I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.