November 17, 2015

The Lost Heiress

The Lost Heiress is the latest novel by Roseanna M. White.  This book tells the journey of Brook Eden as she travels from the sunny beaches of Monaco to the windy moors of England in hopes of locating the family she has never known!

Brook's dear childhood friend, Justin Wilden, had found a place that might be her home.  You will enjoy watching as Brook is instantly accepted by her father, the Earl of Whitby, as the daughter who was taken from him so many years ago.  You soon discover that there is another mystery to solve: Why was her mother riding recklessly across the moors the night that lead to her death?  Join this next journey as Brook seeks to find out what really happened to her mother!

As this story continues, you find that Brook's friendship with Justin has evolved into something new.  Both Justin and Brook had deeply loved each other as just friends, but will this friendship grow into something so much more?

This is a fun tale to wade through as you look for all the answers to come to light!