December 17, 2015

All is Calm

All is Calm, a Christmas novella written by Colleen Coble, takes you again to the Bluebird Ranch, where Allie and Rick have created a haven for young people in need of a shelter.  Only this time you meet a new character, Lauren Everman, who had visited the ranch as a young girl.  Now Lauren is returning as a young woman.  She came looking for a shelter for her horse, Angel, but she ends up needing a place to hide because she is wanted by the police!

What Lauren did not count on was Brendan Waddell, a former colleague of Rick's, showing up at about the same time.  Brendan is on medical leave from his intelligence position with the Special Ops.  Definitely not the type of person Lauren needs on the scene!  Little does she know that Brendan is the exact person she needs to help solve the mystery of who killed her former boss!

This is a fun tale as you follow Lauren and Brandan as they try to identify the true culprit!