December 30, 2015

The Gentleman's Quest

The Gentleman's Quest is one of the latest novellas by Camille Elliot.  You meet Honoria Dunbar on opening pages of this tale.  Honoria and her mother have been living with her uncle ever since her brother Stephen's death.  Now Honoria is feeling the pressure to leave this unfriendly environment for a new one with a man she does not love!

Suddenly Christopher Creagar appears out of nowhere.  A face from Honoria's past!  Christopher was her brother Stephen's best friend.  He has come bearing a gift.  Christopher had found a box of Stephen's in his family's barn.  This box holds a secret that only the firstborn son was privy to.  Honoria hopes this box holds a secret that will save her from a hopeless future.  Honoria sets off with Christopher in an attempt to discover what this secret is all about!

You will see danger at every turn and you wonder if Christopher and Honoria can come through this journey unscathed.  You will never guess how this situation will play out in the end!