December 6, 2015

Until the Dawn

I recently read Until the Dawn, the latest novel by Elizabeth Camden.  On the opening pages of this tale, you meet Sophie van Riijn, a young woman who has grown up along the Hudson River Valley with the freedom to make Dierenpark, an abandoned mansion outside of town, like a second home.  When the wealthy Vandermark family suddenly returns to town after sixty years away, Sophie finds her quiet, idyllic life in this beautiful place about to drastically change!

Sophie soon learns that Quentin Vandermark has returned to make plans to fulfill his grandfather's wish to have the mansion destroyed.  The mansion holds a lot of painful family memories and his grandfather wants it permanently removed.  Sophie and her father, the local mayor, are hoping for time to seek out any reason to stop this terrible action.  When Sophie is hired on as a tutor for Quentin's young son, Pieter, you see their relationship changing for the better.  Quentin slowly begins to admire Sophie for the way she sees and interacts with the world around her.  When Quentin's grandfather suddenly shows up on the scene, you have no idea what will happen next!

Will Sophie have any impact on the way that Quentin views the world or will he simply move ahead with destroying this beautiful mansion?  A lot of truths will be revealed about this family by the final pages!