December 26, 2015

The Spinster's Christmas

You meet Miranda Belmoore on the opening pages of Camille Elliot's latest Christmas novella, The Spinster's Christmas.  Your heart immediately goes out to Miranda as you see the humiliation she must endure as she is the penniless cousin who must rely on the benevolence of her family to survive.  As Christmastime has arrived, you soon meet some new figures who have come to join the celebration.  Miranda is especially pleased to see the arrival of Gerard Foremont, the man she lost her heart to years ago!

As you watch Miranda and Gerald become reacquainted, the scene suddenly becomes complicated when danger seems to have arrived on the scene as well!  Due to the injuries he acquired during his time in the navy, Gerald is slowed down by the cane he must use to move around.  Unfortunately, this causes Gerald to be limited in his attempts to protect Miranda from this danger!

Will Miranda and Gerald be able to discover who is behind these recent attacks in time to prevent a terrible outcome?  This is a fun mystery to follow to the conclusion!

Enjoy the ride!