January 5, 2016

With Every Breath

With Every Breath, a novel written by Elizabeth Camden, tells the tale of a thirty-year-old widow, Kate Livingston, trying to find her way in the male dominated world of Washington D.C. in the 1890s.  When Kate receives an invitation to interview for the position of assistant to Dr. Kendall, a world-renowned doctor at Washington Memorial Hospital, she cannot believe the possibility she has been offered.  She is further surprised when she arrives at the hospital to find that Dr. Trevor Kendall is actually Trevor McDonough, the boy she had competed with all through high school!

Kate soon learns that Trevor is in midst of testing a new serum as he is trying to find a way to strengthen the blood of patients afflicted with tuberculosis.  Trevor is looking for someone fearless for this job dealing with infected patients and the only person he knew could fill this spot was his old high school rival Kate.  With some trepidation, Kate agrees to join Trevor in his work looking for a cure. Soon they are not only fighting to discover a cure, but they are fighting someone whose only desire is to destroy the doctor's project!

Wait and see if Kate will learn how to trust God in the midst of the uncertainty of this situation.  Many secrets come to life on the pages of this book that you will not believe!