January 2, 2016

Lady Maybe

In Lady Maybe, a recent book by Julie Klassen, you meet the main characters on the opening pages of this tale.  Sir John Mayfield has had it with his wife's infidelity!  Lady Marianna has made it no secret that she has a lover, so John has made plans to move her as far from her lover's reach as he can.  As John travels with his wife and her companion, Hannah, toward one of his properties, Clifton House in Devonshire, their carriage is caught in the midst of a terrible storm and it crashes into the rocks!

A neighbor of Clifton House, Dr. Parrish, sees the accident and runs to assist the injured.  Sir John is found near death and a woman, assumed to be his wife, has a broken arm, as well as a head injury.  The woman floating downstream is believed to be the wife's companion.  As these two begin their slow recovery, the woman suddenly realizes that she is not the lady of the house, but rather the wife's companion, Hannah!

As you follow this tale to its conclusion, you will find an interesting end to this complicated storyline!

This is an interesting tale until about 200 pages in when the author takes a direct turn from her typically "clean " romantic tales and describes a very sensual scene between two of the main characters!   It was disappointing and definitely not a good selection for a young reader!