January 16, 2016

You're the One That I Want

It was fun to read the final book of the Christiansen family series in You're the One That I Want by Susan May Warren You finally pick up the trail of Owen Christensen in this latest novel.  Former NHL superstar, Owen, is in the last place you would ever imagine. On an Alaskan crabbing boat in the middle of the Bering Sea!

After Owen dives into the frigid waters to save his boss Scotty's life, he and Scotty find themselves fighting to stay alive in the cold, dark waters of the Bering Sea with no help in sight!  After twelve hours of trying to stay afloat, Scotty finally promises to marry Owen if they make it out alive. When the Coast Guard chopper is finally hovering above their raft, Scotty fears that Owen may not make it out alive!

After the Coast Guard staff are able to save Owen's life, both Scotty and Owen end up at a local hospital.  Imagine Scotty's surprise when Owen's brother, Casper suddenly shows up as she is waiting at Owen's bedside.  Before Scotty knows it, she finds herself heading to Minnesota at the side of both Owen and Casper!

You will not believe what happens next to both Scotty and Owen as well as to Casper and Raina on the final pages of this book.  It is a fun and interesting ride!

I am so sad to see this series ending!

I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review