January 11, 2016

With THIS Ring?

With THIS Ring? is a book packed with novellas written by four well-known Christian authors.  Three of them are new to me, so this will be an insightful journey for me to discover which author I will be interested in returning to in the future!

The first novella, The Husband Maneuver is written by Karen Witemeyer. Marietta Hawkins has her eyes set on her father's foreman, Daniel Barrett.  Little does she know that her father had extracted a promise from his ranch-hands that they would stay clear of his daughter! After some tough moments, this tale finally comes to a smooth ending,

Next is Her Dearly Intended, by Regina Jennings.  After Katie Ellen Watson's parents leave her alone to keep an eye on their farm, Katie and her neighbor, Josiah Huckabee must pretend to be married when a stranger suddenly appears at her family's farmhouse!  You can imagine Katie and Josiah's surprise when they discover that he is not dangerous, but rather he is actually an itinerant preacher!

Runaway Bride, written by Mary Connealy, continues the Kincaid Brides series.  This is a fun action-packed tale that tells the story of Carrie Halsey who is running from an unwanted wedding with the help of a strong Texas Ranger, Big John Conroy, and his band of friends.  You will enjoy this tale until the final page when Carrie is finally reunited with her sister!

The final tale is Engaging the Competition written by Melissa Jagears.  You watch as Harrrison Gray and tomboy Charlotte (aka Charlie) Andrews become trapped in her storm cellar in the midst of a tornado.  Harrison has no idea that Charlie has been dreaming about him for as long as he has not been able to get the idea of her out of his mind.  Wait and see how they will come out of this dilemma and so much more in the end!

Both Melissa Jagear and Mary Connealy's novellas were easy and enjoyable reads; however, the other two novellas in this book were much harder to read.  I will stick with Melissa Jagear  and Mary Connealy's books in the future!

 I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.