June 18, 2016

From This Moment

You find Romulus White on the opening pages of From This Moment, the latest novel written by Elizabeth White.  Romulus is determined to convince Evelyn, his cousin and co-owner of the magazine, Scientific World, to add Stella West, a world-renowned illustrator, to their staff.  Romulus knows that Stella is currently in Boston; but what he does not know is that she is not here to work, but to find the person who killed her sister!

Stella has landed a job as a stenographer at City Hall, the last place where her sister, Gwendolyn, worked before her death.  Stella is determined to follow Gwendolyn's last steps in hopes of finding some clues to who may have been involved with her sister's death.  All Stella seems to be finding are closed doors everywhere she turns; that is, until she finally crosses paths with Romulus, who is definitely a man who knows people and knows how to get things done in Boston.  Now Stella's problem is that Romulus is convinced, along with everyone else in town, that Gwendolyn's death was an accident!

This is an interesting and fast-paced tale as you watch Stella and Romulus in their attempts to uncover the details of Gwendolyn's death.  You wonder who is closer to the truth until the final pages of this tale. Will it be Stella or perhaps Romulus?