June 8, 2016

Someone Like You

Someone Like You is the latest novel from Victoria Bylin. You meet Zeke Monroe on the opening pages of this book. Zeke is the general manager at Caliente Springs resort and he has a big problem on his hands. Zeke must save not only this resort from bankruptcy, but also the jobs of the two hundred plus employees on his staff. When Zeke learns that Julia Dare, a face from his past, is arriving for a business meeting, he is not sure what will transpire next!

Years ago Zeke and Julia met and dated in college; however, their relationship ended with Zeke under a cloud of guilt. He has no idea what will happen when they meet again. After they meet. it quickly appears that the old feelings are still alive! As Zeke and Julia begin to renew their friendship, neither one can believe how the other's belief in God has made an about face!

This is an interesting tale as both Julia and Zeke have their eyes on saving this resort. You will not believe all the trouble they will encounter along the way.  You wonder through all the chaos if Julia's new faith will continue to grow and if Zeke will find his way back to his heavenly Father who has never stopped loving him!