June 13, 2016

Summer of Dreams

Summer of Dreams is the latest tale from Elizabeth Camden. When you are introduced to Evelyn White and Clyde Baxter on the opening pages, you learn that Evelyn's father, General White, has sent a young cadet from West Point to assist his daughter with a problem she has not been able to solve herself!

With the help of her cousin, Romulus, Evelyn has built a greenhouse in which to store her exotic plants and wildlife; however, she has been unable to provide the proper humidity needed to sustain life in the greenhouse and she needs help setting up a new hydraulic pump!  Evelyn's primary problem now is that she wants to be the one to solve her problem not someone else, because she wants to prove to her father that she needs to go to college to study engineering herself!

Clyde has agreed to this job in hopes that it will help remove some of the demerits that may keep him from graduating; however, when he finally sees the greenhouse, he is excited to start looking for a solution to the problem!  As soon as Clyde meets Evelyn, he also wants to learn everything there is to know about her.  As you watch the feelings begin to grow between Evelyn and Clyde, you cannot help but wonder what will happen next.  Due to the way that Evelyn was raised with a military father who was rarely home, she has absolutely refused to consider marrying anyone in the military!

You will be surprised at what Evelyn decides to do after Clyde is expelled from school, when he leaves West Point without permission to spend time helping Romulus keep from being expelled from Harvard!  This is a fun tale not to be missed!

Following the tale in this novella comes the book, From This Moment.  If you enjoyed meeting Romulus in Summer of Dreams, you will love this new book by Elizabeth White that is all about Romulus's new direction for his life!