September 15, 2015

All Is Bright

All Is Bright is the latest novella by Colleen Coble.  This tale follows the storyline that began in her novel, Tidewater Inn, from the Hope Beach series.  At the beginning of this tale, you are re-introduced to Delilah Carter, the manager of the Tidewater Inn.  Delilah is in the process of helping her friend, Elin Summerall, prepare for her upcoming wedding. She is on the road to town to complete some last-minute wedding preparations, when she notices a large black truck about to rear-end her.  Before she knows it, Delilah and her vehicle are careening off the edge of the road, headed for the ocean!

The Hope Beach sheriff, Tom Bourne, soon learns about Delilah's near death experience.  When it becomes apparent that this situation was no accident, Tom quickly involves himself with the investigation to try to find some answers for Delilah.  As Tom looks for answers that might be related to Delilah's past, he learns about her tragic past, when both of her parents died, leaving her as an orphan at a young age!

Now, someone is clearly stalking Delilah, leaving strange messages whenever she answers the phone; however, she has no idea who it could be.  Tom begins to search for Delilah's brother, who has not been located for the past twenty years. When Tom finally reconnects with Adam Carter, he knows he has a wonderful gift to give Delilah; however, he still has no answer to the question of who her stalker is!

When the truth finally comes out, you will not believe who came out of Delilah's past intent on inflicting harm!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review