September 8, 2015

As You Are

As You Are is the third book in Sarah Eden's Jonquil brothers series.  You are introduced to Corbin Jonquil on the opening pages of this tale as he sits in church trying to pay attention to the vicar's message.  He is being totally distracted by a beautiful widow and her two young children.  He can easily interact with young Alice; however, when it comes to approaching her mother, Clara, he becomes all tongue-tied!

Corbin is caught off-guard when Clara shows up at his horse farm to ask him if he has a small job that her 7-year-old son, Edmund, could perform at his farm.  Edmund loves horses and Clara is looking for a way to give her quiet son some outdoors activity.  Corbin immediately agrees to give this young boy a try.  As Corbin begins interacting with Edmund on a daily basis, he also begins to learn a lot more about this family. 

As Clara learns to look through what appears to be arrogance to see Corbin's generous heart, she wonders if she has finally found the man who can rescue her from the violence of her past.  Hold on until the final pages to discover where Clara and Corbin end up!