September 9, 2015

The Perfect Arrangment: An October Wedding Story

The Perfect Arrangement is the latest novella written by Katie Ganshert.  You meet Amelia Woods as she is trying to get an up-close look at her former college boyfriend's wedding.  As she is trying to keep an eye on the wedding party, she becomes distracted and rear-ends the car in front of her!

After Amelia shares her contact information with the man she rear-ended, she hightails it out of the area.  Amelia just wants to go home and hide.  As Amelia slowly moves on with her life, she begins to develops a friendship with Nate, the man she rear-ended, as they exchange e-mail  back and forth.  She soon learns that Nate's sister is the bride, who married her former college boyfriend!

What will happen when Nate suddenly learns that Amelia has been hiding this truth from him?

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review