September 19, 2015

The Columbus Code

The Columbus Code is the latest novel by Mike Evans.  On the opening pages, you are introduced to John Winters.  John is a Secret Service agent, who following a raid that has left him unable to recall all the details that occurred, is currently on administrative leave.  Since this operation, John is often awakening from sleep with a racing heart and in a sense of panic!

When John's mother suddenly dies, he finds himself back in his hometown.  While he is spending some time taking care of his mother's estate, he runs across a letter she left for him.  His mother had been researching their family's genealogy.  She believed that one of their ancestors was Christopher Columbus!  She wants John to continue this search.  You will not believe what John finds and where he ends up as he journeys first to Barcelona, Spain and then to Jerusalem, before he finally ends up back in the United States at the New York Stock Exchange!

You will meet Maria Winters, his estranged daughter, when her business trip overseas becomes intertwined with the details and the characters of John's search!  Hang on to see if John and Maria's relationship will be restored!!!

At the end of this fast moving tale, you get a strong sense that a sequel will soon be following!

I received this book from Worthy Publishing in exchange for my unbiased review.