September 26, 2015

From The Start

On the opening pages of From the Start, the latest from Melissa Tagg, you find Kate Walker trying to make sense of her life.  She has been a somewhat successful scriptwriter for several years; however, deep down she wants to write something with real meaning.  When Kate learns that both her father and sister were involved in a destructive tornado, you find her heading from her current home in Chicago to her hometown of Maple Valley, Iowa.  Kate has no idea what she will find!

When Kate arrives at home, she is shocked to find her father's arm in a sling; however, the first shock she encounters is to find the best friend of her older brother, Logan, former NFL quarterback Colton Greene, sleeping in her bed!  That is more than she can take!  Before you know it, Kate has agreed to write a book about Colton Greene's life experiences.  The next surprise will be watching Kate and Colton slowly begin to fall in love with each other!

Watch closely, as both Kate and Colton begin to deal with deep hurts from their past.  It is awesome to see the kind of transformation that only God can bring to lives!